S.E. Asia Subcontinent

A bright colorful explosion of people, traditions and landscapes, India has dazzling landscape right from the majestic white Himalayas to the golden beaches deep in the South, India’s landscape is dazzling and defies imagination. Temples, forts, vivid green jungles teeming with wildlife; and then there is its spirituality and religion. 

Beyond India, Sri Lanka packs quite a punch despite its small size. Lush forests, tea plantations, heritage hotels and golden beaches all jostle for the visitor's attention into this warm and friendly country.

With its striking landscapes, gripping history and rich culture, Vietnam is an outstanding destination on all fronts. Vietnam is a beautiful country which is well known for natural beauty, long history and multiple cultures. The 1000 year old capital Hanoi, breathtaking Halong Bay, peaceful Hoi An town, bustling and modern Ho Chi Minh City and countless of white sand beaches along the country from the North to the South. Each minute of you in Vietnam will be surrounded by friendly people who are eager to introduce you the unique culture or authentic cuisine of Vietnam which are now popular all over the world. 

All this and a lot more!

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