About Us

For 27 years Maxim Tours’ passion for exotic destinations has made us the most sought after boutique tour operator for discerning travelers.


Our approach is simple; offer the very best service and travel experience at the most competitive prices. We refuse to compromise on any of these elements and since our inception in 1993, Maxim Tours has existed purely on reputation. You won’t see our name in expensive advertisements as we prefer word of mouth referrals and loyal repeat customers. For this, each trip must be perfect; a challenge we have embraced and been extremely successful at. We are acutely aware that in this day and age we need to offer value. We pride ourselves on being able to stretch budgets to get the very best value out of each traveler’s investment without compromising the experience. We know where to cut costs, where to add value and how to create a truly remarkable travel experience.

I am Paul Webster and I am the owner of Maxim Tours. Born and raised in Zimbabwe and South Africa, I have lived most of my life in Africa and have developed a passion for exotic destinations. I have a personal involvement in each and every trip that is planned at Maxim Tours. I look forward to being part of your “Uncommon Safari”.